About Us


We are Lee and Aeninll Cowan, the founders and creators of Aurora's Box LLC. We are a gift box company based in Maryland, dedicated to providing you with quality gifts at affordable prices. Whether you are gifting for a birthday, holiday, corporate event or "just because", let us help you find a gift that will create a lasting impression. It is our mission to spread that love and creativity encompassed in gift giving without the stress and anxieties of finding the perfect gift for the occasion. Our gift box collection is comprised of both hand-picked curated products and custom personalized products to show the recipient just how much they mean to you!

Aurora's Box LLC was founded in October of 2020 after a gift-giving meltdown. A few months prior we were looking for a special gift to thank our officiant for marrying us during the COVID-19 pandemic. There wasn't a single product on the market that seemed good enough to express our utmost gratitude for his services, especially during such an unprecedented time. Eventually we decided to purchase items from different vendors to make him a special gift bag, thus the idea for Aurora's Box LLC was born. Our business was created to fill that gap between meaningless trinkets and the traditional, overly priced gift baskets. It is our mission to provide our customers with quality products suited for all occasions, even the ones that are as unique as the one that got us started. We want to be that one stop shop, to make gifting fun, and easy.

Thank you for shopping with us, and supporting our commitment to spreading joy, love and creativity,