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Send your favorite person a bucket of love with our Love Bucket gift ... bucket! Yes bucket, not box, it's a sweet change in pace. A kid-friendly gift that is perfect for a Valentine's Day surprise! 

What's included:

- (1) Red Metal Bucket (with optional personalization)

- (1) Pack of Bubble Gum from Extra 

- (1) Bag of Skittles 

- (1) Fruit Roll Up

- (1) Heart Shaped Lollipop

- (1) 4.4 oz Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar

- (4) Hershey Kisses

Please note that this gift will be wrapped in cellophane instead of being packed in a mailer box like our traditional gift boxes. If you are purchasing this box as a gift item and would like it delivered directly to the recipient, please remember to use the recipients address as the shipping address at checkout.